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Most of these artists have performed at the Camp House and we highly recommend them for your next show!

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*These artist have performed at Camp House Concerts - click Artist Profile to learn more!

Bradley Banning - Profile | Website

Dallas Wayne - ProfileWebsite

Drew Moreland - Profile | Facebook

Emily Shirley - Profile | Website

James Steinle - Profile | Website

Jana Pochop - Profile | Website

Jason Allen - Profile | Website

Kelly Kenning - Profile | Website

Logan Ryan Band - Profile | Website

Manzy Lowry Band - Profile | Website

R. L. Hayden - ProfileWebsite

Richie Allbright - Profile | Website

Sylvia Kirk Band - Profile | Facebook

Wayworn Traveler - Profile | Facebook

Artist With No Profiles

Ben Greene
Brent Riedel
David Beck
Garry Lindsey
Isaac Villegas
Jack Rogers
Kim Allbright
Matt Anderson
Matt Kirk
Matt Slusher
Randy Roberts
Shelley Shaffer
Zach Samuell


Jilee ParkerWebsite

Josh Martin - Facebook

Peterson Brothers Band - Website

Raelyn Nelson Band - Website

Waitin' On Hayden - Website