926 FM 1681,
Nixon, TX 78140

Austin TX-183

START: Head South on US-183 (for about 35mi).
NEXT: Stay straight to continue South on TX-80 (about 30mi).



Welcome to Nixon!

San Antonio TX-181

START: Get on I-37 headed South (for about 9mi).
NEXT: Take US-181 Exit 132 headed South toward Floresville (>1mi).
NEXT: Stay on US-181 South (for about 18mi).
NEXT: Turn left onto Standish St/TX-97 (for about 10mi).
NEXT: Take slight right onto US-87 S/TX-97 (for about 16mi).

Dallas I-35

START: Head South on I-35E/S towards Waco (for about 57mi).
NEXT: I-35E/S becomes I-35 S - continue (for about 78mi).
NEXT: Keep left to take I-35S toward Austin (for about 52mi).
NEXT: Take Exit 240A-239 toward US-183/St Johns Ave (>1mi).
NEXT: Merge onto I-35 headed North (>1mi).
NEXT: Turn left onto E Anderson Ln (>1mi).
NEXT: Merge onto US-183S via left ramp (for about 48mi).
NEXT: Continue straight to go on TX-80 (for about 30mi).

Houston I-10

START: Get on I-45 headed North toward Dallas (for about 1mi).
NEXT: Exit 48B onto I-10 West headed toward San Antonio (for 140mi).
NEXT: Exit 628 to Hwy 80 heading toward San Marcos/Nixon and take slight left to get on I-10 E (for about >1mi).
NEXT: Turn left onto Highway 80 (for about 27mi).
Welcome to Nixon!

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