Social Media

Welcome to the Social Page of Camp House Concerts.

Find all of the associated social media accounts of Camp House Concerts from around the web. We understand the importance of having our content in a multitude of place as everybody has a different app or website preference these days.  Therefore, we hope you find a media platform that suits your needs!

The Official Social Media Accounts of Camp House Concerts.

Facebook is our most active social media accounts as we use Facebook to update our fans with important information about upcoming concerts. 

Twitter is where we engage with numerous bloggers, musicians and bands, publishers and leaders in the country music industry.

Instagram & Flickr are what we use to showcase photos of Camp House Concerts.  Our Flickr profile is where we upload any photo related to the Camp House.  Whereas, you will find our most coveted or best pictures on our Instagram.

The YouTube & Vimeo platforms are what Camp House Concerts uses to give an inside look into what a concert looks like at the Camp House.  We have videos of performers, behind the scenes interviews and much more.  Both accounts will have identical content on them.

Spotify & Soundcloud is where we prefer to showcase our musical taste!  Both platforms vary, as with Spotify, you will find official songs by artists and on Soundcloud, you may find sneak-peeks or samples of songs.  Soundcloud is free for everybody!  We profile artist who we like, up and comers and certainly artists that have performed at the Camp House before.  We also have set-up a Reverbnation account as a resource to musicians and in hopes that they will reach out to the Camp House and potentially play a live set!

Our content or articles that we publish on our Blog can be found in places other than our website.  The number one place to discover a new country music related article is of course on our Blog however, our articles are spread across the web on a number of places: Tumblr, Google+, Feedly & Blogger.  We encourage you to go check out their platforms and follow us on them!

We also have Pinterest & Reddit accounts!  We share our greatest articles and engage in discussions with country music fans on Reddit while we get ideas and share pictures and more on Pinterest.  Give us a follow if you've got them!