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AUG. 25TH. 2018.

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A Family Coffee Co.


Spots are available to our 65 & Sides Society members first.  Members, be sure to get your guaranteed spots by Friday, July 20th.  Following July 20th, we will open the remaining available spots to the folks on our wait-list as well as the public. 

Ticket pricing is as follows:

  • One Spot (1-ticket) = $35 + Side Dish
  • Two Spots (2-tickets) = $65 + Side Dish
  • Three Spots (3-tickets) = $100 + 2 Sides
  • Four Spots (4-tickets) = $130 + 2 Sides

*Only 130 Spots available.

Once again, if you are planning on attending, please secure your guaranteed spots before July 20th.  After that, it will be on a first come basis.

If you have any conflict or questions regarding your spot, please shoot us an email at

Some News For You

News from Artists or Bands that have performed at the Camp House. Upcoming Shows, New Albums or Songs and even New Businesses ventures.