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"Live Music - Back In The Brush"


To bring friends and family together to share a unique and personalized, live music experience by connecting with likeminded individuals and enjoying illustrious lyrics and fine guitar pickin’s of singers and songwriters from all over.


The 65 & Sides Society is a small, unique group of friends and family, drawn together by the Camp House, that come together to put on one of a kind, live music concerts exclusive to members only.

What makes the 65 & Sides Society different than other musical music loving groups or communities is the way they invoke a bond between their members by coming together over music, conversation and sides. Yep, sides! At any 65 & Sides Society Concert Series, you’ll find a mouth-watering main course accompanied by more than 50 side dishes and desserts all of which are provided by the attending members. Here at Camp House Concerts, we don’t think that there is there a better way to build a friendship than over good music and even better food.

The 65 & Sides Society is exclusive in the sense that you have to know somebody to be invited to join, and concert spots are not open to the general public. Once you become a member, you are the keyholder to your allotted concert spots - much like season tickets.

Benefits of being a member is the unique and personalized experience you get at the concerts. That experience is gained through unique interactions with performers such as, meet and greet, photos and the “front row” view that every seat offers. This is possible by keeping the crowd size at a minimum which therefore eliminates the overwhelming crowd sizes, undesirable lines, unsanitary facilities and most importantly, inconsiderate people that you are sure to encounter at a large, mainstream concert.

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