Camp House Concerts

Camp House Concerts is a live music venue hidden back in the brush of South-Texas and is home to the exclusive 65 & Sides Concert Series. (Read More About the 65er's)

We are more than a music venue - hop on over to our Country Music Blog and catch up on all the happening's in the industry!

OUR MISSION:  To bring friends and family together to share an intimate live-music experience while enjoying the illustrious lyrics and fine guitar pickin's of artists from all over.

The 65 & Sides Society

The 65 & Sides Society is a diverse group of friends brought together by Camp House Concerts in order to deliver quality live concerts to a small number of music lovers in a back yard/private concert setting.

Camp House Concerts limits each concert to 65 or so spots and every spot is expected to bring a side side for that night.  Then, you just sit back, eat delicious food and enjoy the live music!

Find out how to join the 65 & Sides Society!

Country Music Blog

Camp House Concerts’ Blog strives to be a reliable source of what is going on in and around the country music industry. 

Our Country Music Blog provides music fans of all-kinds, with the latest in country music news, festival information, award show information, popular and undiscovered music, friendly links from around the web and much more. 

We are passionate about music, friends and family and want to share what we love with you.

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