FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

We know all things can be confusing at some point in time!  That's why this page exists.  If you still cannot find your answers, head over to our Contact Page and drop us a line so that we can better help you!

What is the 65 & Sides Society?

The 65 & Sides Society is a unique private club created by Camp House Concerts in order to deliver quality live concerts to a small number of music lovers in a back yard/private concert setting.  Usually 3-4 concerts per year.  Camp House Concerts limits each concert to 65 Pairs of Tickets, 130 total, per concert and every "pair" is expected to bring a side side for that night.  Then, you just sit back and enjoy a live concert and not to mention BBQ & sides galore!

How Do You Join The Club?

There are only 130 Tickets, however, you can sign up to be on the Wait List.  The way the wait list works is; when a club member does not continue his/her pair of tickets, they tickets are then offered to the next member on the wait list.  Your pair of tickets is yours for as long as you want them.  (Much like season tickets)  If you are unable to attend the event, no problem, you can give your tickets out to friends or family members.  You still own your spot for future events! 

By joining, you will receive all press-releases and important updates so that you can stay in the loop with the Camp House.  You will be the first to hear of concerts and exclusive events.  Since you are on the waiting list, you will be the first ones we turn to when we have extra tickets.  We tend to provide a limited number of guest passes for concerts and by being on the waiting lists, you just might be gifted those passes!  Join the Wait List

What is the Deal With the Sides?

The sides are what make the 65 & Sides Society go round!  Much like a pot-luck event, when you purchase your tickets, you are required to bring a side dish to the show!  With about 65 pair of tickets going out, you should find 65 different side dishes at the kitchen table!

What Kind of Side Should I Bring?

Whatever you can whip up!  People bring everything from Banana Pudding and Sausage Balls to Fried Cabbage!  Some others: Jalapeno Cornbread, Beans, Spanish Rice, Potato Salad, Corn Casserole and etc.  If you need some suggestions, we have this list from "MidWestLiving - 45 Potluck Ideas"

Pet Friendly?

We are a pet friendly place!  However, please keep in mind that there may be children present and as much as a child, we don't want to be intimidated by your animal!  That said, if you have a dog, cat or even goat, feel free to bring them out!  We will have our own one-eyed dog out there! (Oh, and she's harmless)

Should We Bring Chairs?

We have picnic table and plenty of seating, but I would encourage everyone to bring bag chairs if you want to get close to the stage or move around!  We have covered areas for the shade and even a canopy for those rainy days!

What Can I Do With My Tickets If I Can't Make The Show?

No worries!  You will not lose your spot in the club if you cannot make the show!  However, we don't want those tickets to go to waste.  Here are a few things you can do:
  1. Give them to friends, family or neighbors;
  2. Run a promotion/giveaway;
  3. Donate them to someone on the 65 & Sides wait-list;
  4. Please DO NOT re-sell tickets.
Unfortunately, no refunds are available at this time.

Does My Child Need A Ticket?

At the Camp House, children 6 and under get in free (with the accompaniment of an adult).  We will even let you inside the Camp House to do diaper changes or kiddo naps!

Does The Camp House Have Restrooms?

You bet your bottom we do!  We have newly developed, fully furnished bathrooms!  With such an exclusive group, you can assure they are sanitary! 

Can I Bring My Own Alcohol?

Yes, you can bring your own alcoholic beverages and even non-alcoholic!  We actually encourage this!

What Happens if there is Inclement Weather?

The show must go on Rain or Shine!  No worries, we have plenty of umbrellas and canopies for you to hide under in the event of a rain storm!

Can I Meet The Performers?

We encourage our performers to stick around after their set for this reason!  This is one of the reasons it is so great to be apart of a unique club like the 65 & Sides Society.  Most often, the performers will stick around to take pictures, sign autographs and just have a great conversation with the patrons.

Can I Bring My Camera?

Yes!  You can bring your camera and take as many photos as you wish!  We just ask that you share your pictures with us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram!  #camphouseconcerts  In the meantime, check out some of our photos from previous concerts on our photo page.

Do You Want to Perform at The Camp House?

We are always interested in new acts and love hearing new bands and voices.  If you are a musician in the genre of Country, Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Folk or just have some stories you want to share, please contact us!  You can head over to our Booking Page or just drop us an email at camphouseconcerts@gmail.com or jump over to our Contact Page and reach us there!

Who Typically Performs at The Concerts?

We try and give the guests a few new performers every concert.  We mainly have country artists however, a blues band or gospel singer is not out of the question.  We wish we could give every artist a spot on the stage.  To check out who has played in the past, go to our Artists & Songwriters Page.

How Do I Get To The Camp House?

The Camp House is located in Nixon, TX!  Please visit our directions page for more information!  (You must be signed in to access this page)

How Can I Contact The Camp House?

You can drop us a line at camphouseconcerts@gmail.com or simply shoot a Text/Call to Bud: (210) 275-7558 or Cody: (979) 446-9502.  You can find all this information on our contact page

Help! Someone/Something is disrupting my Concert Experience?

If for some reason someone is giving you grief or just plain ruining your concert experience, please do not hesitate to find one of the people running the show and we will handle the situation! 

Still Not Finding Your Answers?

If you didn't find the answers to your questions, we apologize and ask that you head over to our Contact Page and drop us a line so that we can better assist you!  Thanks,