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24 Country Music Blogs to Follow

Here are 24 Country Music Blogs that you should check out!  Each site is a little different but that is what makes this list of blogs so great – there’s something for everybody.

Sometime last year, we posted an article titled,9 Country Music Blogs to Follow’.  More than a year later, we have come to read, meet and discover some of the industry leaders and contributors.   With that, we give you blogs that we follow!

Discover Country Music Blogs that you probably have never heard of.  Reach outside of the typical industry leaders like CMT and Rolling Stone and dive into a new blog!

We’d love to add and follow your blog, just shoot us an email.


#1 - Whiskey Riff

Best Website Design

Whiskey Riff is one of the best country music blogs out there.  They keep it simple and to the point when writing reviews, interviews and other columns.  Here is how they phrase it, “Unfiltered and in-your-face, we are the voice of the country music fan. “The most entertaining country site ever.”

From Their Website

‘7 Luke Combs Songs for when You’re Stuck in Heartbreak Mode’

It does not stop at general country music news as they cover the most important news in the entertainment industry.

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#2 - Country Clones

CountryClones.com is a place for country music fans of all ages.  Here, you can find country festivals, country concerts, travel tips, discover new country artists, and catch a behind the scenes look into tour life and the music industry.  Plus, you can learn about some of our favorite country boutiques.

From Their Website

'2018 Country Concert Tour Dates'

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#3 - Country Music Tattle Tale

I’ll let them introduce themselves.  CMTT, “Not some corporate entity, CMTT is a website for the fans by the fans. We write and share country music news because we love country music. From the low crooning of Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn to the honky-tonkin’ rhythms of Travis Tritt and Alabama up until the current mega-stars like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.”

CMTT offers up some excellent categories such as: 10QQQ (10 Quick Quirky Questions), New & Noteworthy, Lists, Reviews and Festival Information.

From Their Website

'10 of The Most Underrated Country Acts'

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nycountry swag music blog logo

#4 - NYCountry Swag

Bringing the boot scootin boogie to the big apple is our next country music blog, NYCountry Swag!  With a very well designed website, they offer up anything and everything a country music blog should have, just keep reading...

Content on their site includes interviews with both rising and established artists, album reviews, new music news, as well as original video content from pop-up sessions we host and concerts we attend.

From Their Website

Exclusive Interview: Walker Hayes Chats About "90's Country"

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#5 - Women of Country Music

Most Unique Country Music Blog

Women of Country Music has set out to solely cover the Women of the Country Music industry.  You will find interviews, stories, album reviews and much more on this country music blog.

Women of Country Music, established back in 2015, is ran by a Marketing student at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  Her goal with the blog was to change the way people perceive country music as well as help give women a bigger voice.

From Their Website

'Kelsey Lamb Sets Out to Tell Her Story ‘Little By Little’'

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#6 - Saving Country Music Blog

Saving Country Music’s purpose is spelled out in its name and they call themselves a consumer advocate and an industry watchdog.  It offers news, opinion, reviews, artist profiles, music history, and the always-popular off-color pop country bashing.

Saving Country Music primarily focuses on country, but also covers roots, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, and folk music.  Be sure to check out their Spotify “Top 25” playlist.

From Their Website

'Willie Nelson Doesn't Owe You A Damn Thing'

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#7 - Outlaw Magazine

The Outlaw Mag is quite a bit more than just a magazine.  Their website has tons of great articles, news, reviews, columns and more.  They release an album of the month, artist of the month and venue of the month.

The latest title of venues goes to ‘Papa Turney’s – Old Fashion Hickory Smoked BBQ’.

Outlaw Magazine is where Camp House Concerts goes when we want reliable news and updates from the Outlaw Country lifestyle.

From Their Website

Artist of the Month – Dallas Moore

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# 8 - Taste of Country

With over 84 posts per week, you can be sure that you’ll find something you love on this blog.  Taste of Country offers readers the latest country music news from the biggest country music stars.  This is one of the power house blogs on the internet based out of Nashville, TN.

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#9 - Feedspot - Country Music Blogs List

Feedspot is a fantastic resource we use here at Camp House Concerts!  They have a multitude of lists for different genres of music.  For example, "The Best Folk Music Blogs" is generated from Feedspots' index and social metrics which covers thousands popular music bloggers on the net.  Data is generally refreshed once a week. 

Be sure to check out this blog!  Check out their lists!

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# 10 - Camp House Concerts

Camp House Concerts' Blog

Camp House Concerts’ Country Music Blog provides music fans of all-kinds, with the latest in country music news, festivals, award shows, popular and undiscovered music and much more.  They do a great job of sharing music resources as well as friendly links from around the web. Sometimes it can get a bit Folky or Bluesy as our writers appreciate all music!

Don’t forget about Camp House Concerts having one of the most unique music venues – check it out here.

Camp House Concerts’ Blog strives to be a reliable source of what is going on in and around the country music industry. 

From Their Website

'Music From The Children of Willie Nelson'

'Top Music Streaming Services'

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#11 - CMT - News

The granddaddy of them all!  You already know what CMT is capable of.  Below is what they offer up to their readers.

Visit CMT.com for all that is Country Music; Artists, Photos, Videos, Shows, Online Radio and More.  Get the latest Country Music News and Videos on your favorite Artists.  Get CMT's television schedule and watch your favorite TV shows.

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#12 - Country Music News Blog

Camp House Favorite

This blog covers everything from Musician’s Birthdays to up-to-date press releases from the country music industry.  CMNB’s staff described the blog as a full-time news outlet that provides only the facts through the eyes of music fans.

Serving up current, up-to-date news along with press release from around the country world.  CMNB has been an industry leader for over 10 years and isn’t slowing down anytime soon!  Head on over and catch ya some news.

From Their Website

Little Big town is Giving Us Summer Fever

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#13 - Twangville

Twangville….just sounds nasty!  This is one of my favorite websites as the guys over at Twangville share the same mission as we do, which is sharing our love for country music to friends from all over! 

So what is Twangville?  A music blog featuring Alt-Country, Americana, Indie, Rock, Folk & Blues that was established in 2005.  Be sure to give their Spotify playlists a listen as you will most surely discover some new music – guaranteed!

From Their Website

‘Twangville Radio’

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#14 - Country’s Chatter

Over 40 different categories to choose from on countryschatter.com.  Categories include: Musicans Birthdays, Contests, Concert Info, New Artists, Movies, Honors, History and even Christmas Music.


From Their Website

Summer Awards for Superstar Alan Jackson

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#15 - County Music Life

CML gives you short descriptions in a way similar to Twitter.  This allows you to skim through quickly without missing anything!  Give this blog a whirl.

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#16 - My Kind of Country

We are going to let the website introduce themselves.  “Welcome to the My Kind Of Country blog. Here, you will find reviews, editorials, and discussions about the country music we love : our kind of country. The idea is simple: rather than write lots of negative reviews about the new music that’s coming out – because let’s face it, much of what comes out of Nashville and your country radio dial is crap – we are going to write about the music we love: the music that moves us, drives us, and makes us laugh and cry; the music that touches us."

Check out this ‘Classic Rewind’

"We intend to post about the music we love and tell you why we love it, and of course, how we think it could be improved upon.”

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#17 - Country Universe

Country Universe is a fantastic blog that covers the Country Music scene.  In-depth interviews, artist spotlights, features and much more.  They have compiled some great lists which feature the ‘100 greatest men’, 100 greatest women’ and ‘400 greatest singles of the nineties’.

From Their Website

‘400 Greatest Singles of the Nineties’

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#18 - Rock Forward

Led by Rob Nichols who is a music and entertainment writer for more than 25 years.  This blog covers Country and Rock music with opinions and ideas from author, Rob.  Not to mention the album reviews and previews you can find on Rock Forward.

Check Out – Will Hoge duet with Sheryl Crow

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#19 - Karen Loves Country

Best Fan-Sided Country Music Blog

Tired of the industry driven or profit driven country music blogs?  Well look no further than the blog of Karen Bernick.  Her blog is 100% written from the country music fans’ perspective.

Karen freely admits that she has no musical talent, no background in the industry and has no contacts with Nashville.  But a fan she is!  She attends as many concerts as she can, listens to various podcasts and country radio stations.  She also says that she follows numerous country music blogs on Twitter, 42 to be exact.

From Her Website

Keith Urban’s influence on Karen’s love for Country Music’

Please give this country music blog a read and find out what a fan-sided music blog looks, sounds and feels like!

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#20 - That Nashville Sound

Author, Ken Morton established That Nashville Sound in 2007.  Written by a passionate country music enthusiast, Ken, offers readers an insight to what is happening around the country music stratosphere.  You will find content related to:  List of 2018 Album Reviews, Best of the Year Lists, Interviews, Music Videos, Album Reviews and much more.

List of 2018 Album Releases

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#21 - Country Standard Time

This website covers country music news and more by giving their opinionated views on new CD releases, concert and book reviews.  The website is set up to where the reader has very little distraction.  Kind of like the website, Drudge Report.

Great Music From Unknown Artists

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#22 - Press Release Point

This is your go to site for any official press releases regarding country music.  However, why stop at country music?  Press Release Point offers up to the minute press release feeds for many different interests including: Technology, Labor, Business.

From Their Website

New Press Releases: Country Music

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#23 - Hometown Country Music

Hometown Country Music provides fans with the latest country music news, contests, new and undiscovered music, and an unrivaled source of information with their various databases and artist info listings.

This blog combines their love and extensive knowledge of Country Music to provide readers with the most comprehensive Country Music coverage possible.

From Their Website

Category – ‘This Date In History’

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#24 - The Country Scene

The Country Scene blog covers the Country Music scene in the NYC area.  Whether it is a homegrown country music artist from New York, Country Music Festival in the city or information on Country Music stars performing around the city, this blog has you covered!

Find out who is rocking the streets of New York City and much more!

‘Sunny Sweeney brings a little Honky Tonk to NYC’

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That's our list!


*I know that I have forgotten to mention many great Country Music Blogs out there but we haven't came across it yet!  So, if you know of a blog that needs to be on this list, please email me!

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