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The Camp House

The Camp House was built sometime in the early 1900’s.  The Camp House lies about 500 yards from the properties main house.  It sits next to a dry creek bed known as Sandy’s Creek and what used to be an old county road.  The Camp House hides about a mile in the south Texas brush, far enough away from the big city lights but still close enough to the small town drama.  The Camp House is roughly 44mi from San Antonio, 68mi from Austin, 148mi from Houston, 248mi from Dallas and about 1,553mi away from New York City, but that’s never really been a worry to us; music’s better down here in Texas anyhow! 

Hidden away from those big city blues The Camp House is the perfect environment for family, friends and music lovers to come together, enjoy live music or just kick back and catch up.  We invite you and your family to kick-back and relax under a south Texas night sky.

The Camp House is a live music venue hidden back in the brush of southern Texas - home to the exclusive 65 & Sides Society Concert Series.  Bringing friends and family together to create an unforgettable experience while enjoying the illustrious sounds of country music is the mission.  The Camp House's one-of-kind setting emits an intimate vibe reminiscent of a private house concert underneath a Big Texas Sky. 

How it Started

In 2006, the snakes and rats were drug out and a few surprises later, we had us a Camp House. It was a family project mostly throughout the late 2000’s until the kids moved out to go off to school. I guess Bud figured he could start sprucing up the place since his son had moved out and wouldn’t be around to break windows or throw any wild parties. From around 2010 until today, the Camp House continues to improve one Shiner Bock at a time!

Inside The Camp House

What will you find inside the Camp House? Let me put it this way: many artists have written the words, “if these ole walls could talk”, well when you’re inside the Camp House, the walls do talk. They talk in the form of pictures, dusty letterman jackets, empty Shiner Bock beer bottles, old yearbooks and concert posters dating back to the 70’s. Yearbooks date back to the days of the Smiley Bantams, Nixon Bobcats and the 60’s of the San Antonio South Side Cardinals. Everything in the Camp House holds a memory to our family, friends or community!

"I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity.  It's something we are all touched by.  No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."

-Billy Joel

Photo of Cody Box and Bud Box
Cody Box (Right) and Bud Box (Left) are the masterminds behind Camp House Concerts.