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Saturday night was another great chapter in the book of Camp House Concerts.  A chapter that definitely lived up to it's name, 'Hotter Than Hell.'

The stage was electrified by the bearded band of Manzy Lowry, showing off their unique style of 'electric outlaw country'.  The funky folk duo of Jana Pochop and Emily Shirley, bringing a bit of Austin songwriting to Nixon, TX.  We might have been the first to hear the new revolution of Folk Rap by Pochop!  The Logan Ryan Band set a new venue record by having 5 people on stage.  Wayworn Traveler also put on a magnificent performance not letting the heat alter their style in any way!

It's safe to say that we had a very exciting lineup that filled the Camp House air with new and memorable sounds.  The same airspace that was invaded by Judge Coleman and Bill Scarff in their Cessna airplane.  They claim they had prior approval haha!  Check out this awesome photo captured from them.

Camp House Concerts Aerial View.

Concert goers included many new faces and many of the original faces!  This is exactly how we want the Camp House to expand - by friends of friends!  Remember, the Camp House mission is to bring friends and family together to share an intimate live-music experience while enjoying the illustrious lyrics and fine guitar pickin's of artists from all over.
Cody Turberville & Daniel Gutierrez out did themselves once again by cooking some of the best damn brisket we here at the Camp House has ever tasted.  Your late late night and early mornin' BBQ'n did not go unnoticed! 
The newest feature at the Camp House were the installation of those air conditioned, yes air conditioned bathrooms.

Camp House Bathrooms

The only problem with them was that the a/c was too good and some attendees admitted to 'taking their sweet time' when finishing up!

Fun fact, Cody Turberville & Daniel Gutierrez were a big part in making these bathrooms!



We want to say THANK YOU for supporting the Camp House and the artists who had merchandise available!  Like many artists, honky-tonkin around Texas is not the most profitable and these guys/gals need all the support they can get.  We also heard many request for a shirt with a donkey on it and we listened.  Expect to see that at the next concert!  If you didn't have time to stop by the merchandise tent, send us an email or message us on Facebook to obtain your soon to be famous Camp House Concerts concert posters, t-shirts or stickers.


Hayden Homestead Co.

The headline sponsor of the night was Hayden Homestead Co. and they apologize for not having the promised samples available, but after doing some thinking, together we realized that Texas Heat and Coffee might just not mix well! However, when you aren't in the five o'clock heat, their coffee is damn good!  

If you weren't lucky enough like Faon Box or Maro Villarreal to win the Coffee Giveaway, you can find their coffee on their website here!


Photos of the Concert

Another big THANK YOU to Marco Villarreal for coming out and taking photos of the event.  We hope that everyone had the opportunity to get their picture taken.  You can expect to see those photos in as short as two-weeks.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and our website for these updates!


Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates regarding the Camp House Concerts.  If you have a photo from the event, please remember to tag us!  One last thing, if you could take the time to leave us a review on Facebook, we'd highly appreciate it!  (There's a free sticker waitin' for ya if you do)

Upcoming Camp House Developments

  • Camp House Newsletter - We are trying to make it easier for you to follow the Camp House and all the happenings around here.  We are working on creating a monthly newsletter.  That's it, one email a month!  If you have attended a Concert or on the Wait-List, you will automatically be on the list to receive the newsletter.


  • Upcoming March 30th Concert - The date is set for our next concert!  Mark your calendars for March 30, 2018.  As we are working on filling the lineup, we do have one person locked in.  Toman Brothers Band!


  • Submit an Artist - We want you to help us book the performers in our future shows!  We get several requests to perform at the Camp House and that is awesome!  Soon we will have an area on our website and newsletters to make it easy for you to submit and artist for our review, anonymously or not.

Thanks again to everyone that help make this concert a success!  We will see you again on March 30th!



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