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List of 2018 Music Award Shows

Here is a list of 2018 Music Award Shows Dates.  Discover and keep up with all of the different Music Award Shows from all genres of music!  You’ll find the more prevalent ones like the Grammy’s and the Billboard Music Awards.  Also, you’ll discover smaller music award shows and international shows as well.  We encourage you to help us out with our list, so drop us a comment and we will update the list.  We hope you enjoy this great list!

**Italicized Shows are dated for 2017 

2018 Music Award Show Dates


January 10th - People's Choice Awards
January 27th - Independent Music Awards
January 28th - 60th Grammys
February 13th - Ameripolitan Music Awards
*February 15th - International Folk Music Festival
March 11th - iHeartRadio Music Awards
*March 12th - Austin Music Awards
March 15th - 22nd Annual AWAAwards (Academy of Western Artist)
*April 2nd - Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM)
April 17th - 53rd Country Music Awards (CMA'S)
April 28th - Radio Disney Music Awards
*April 30th - New England Music Awards
May 10th - Blues Music Awards
May 22nd - Billboard Music Awards
June 22nd - BET Music Awards
*July - Global Music Awards
*July 21st - Platinum Music Awards
*July 26th - The AP Music Awards (Associated Press)

*August 5th - Carolina Music Awards
*August 13th - Teen Choice Awards
*August 19th - 11th Annual Nashville Industry Music Awards
August 28th - MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's) 

*September 3rd - UK Country Music Awards
*September 10th - Canadian Country Music Awards
*September 13th - 17th Annual Americana Music Awards - presented by
*September 22nd - Utah Music Awards
*September 26th - Branson Terry Music Awards
*September 28th - Texas Country Music Awards (Texas Country Music Association)
*September 28th - International Bluegrass Music Awards
*October 3rd - Northern Ontario Country Music Awards
*October 6th - Latin American Music Awards
*October 13th - Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards
*October 14th - Native American Music Awards
*October 21st - Tejano Music Awards
*October 24th - Loudwire Music Awards - presented by Chris Jericho
*November 2nd - Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards
*November 6th - Wine Country Music Awards
*November 8th - Western Music Awards
*November 15th - Ohio Music Awards
*November 20th - American Music Awards


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List of 2018 Music Award Shows

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