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Ace guitarist and hit singer/songwriter Lee Roy Parnell has released his first album in 11 years, "Midnight Believer".  Parnell produced the album and co-wrote all 10 songs with award-winning songwriter Greg Barnhill. 

He has really found his “sound” with this record, reinventing himself from country hit maker to a true music aficionado.  He is widely recognized as one of the greatest slide guitarists in the history of music. 

"Ear grabbing guitar rifts, great lyrics and the smoothest of sounds we've heard in awhile."

Parnell does a great rendition of B.B. King's, "Midnight Believer" and we believe the King himself would approve!  The moving song “Sunny Days” features a special guest appearance by The Fairfield Four.  It marks the second time Parnell has collaborated with the gospel legends.


Midnight Believer

1. Hours in Between

2. Midnight Believer

3. Pontchartrain (Our Favorite)

4. Too Far Gone

5. Sunny Days (feat. The Fairfield Four)

6. Hair of the Dog

7. Want Whatcha' Have

8. Going Uptown

9. Tied up and Tangled

10. Some Time Ago


Final Thoughts

"Pontchartrain", "Tied up and Tangled" and "Want Whatcha' Have" are a few of our favorites off the new album, however, the album in its entirety is amazing!  In this album, Parnell - slides his guitar as good as any Blues musician, sings like a country music star and keeps the beat funky and upbeat like a rocker! 

A man who sounds like a Country, Gospel, Funky Blues and Upbeat Rocker does not have fit into any one genre, and it is safe to say that Lee Roy Parnell has created his own sound and is running away with it!  

For more information please visit leeroyparnell.com.

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