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Cherish Lee's New Album - "Tequila Cowgirl"

About Cherish Lee

Cherish Lee, daughter of Johnny Lee (country music legend, Urban Cowboy’s “Lookin’ For Love”) and Charlene Tilton (television sex pot vixen, Lucy Ewing on hit TV show, “DALLAS”) is no stranger to the country music scene.

After spending a few years on the road touring with her dad, she moved to Nashville and has been making waves ever since.  She quickly gained her own recognition as a singer and songwriter, and was recently named among Billboard’s “15 Country Artists To Watch In 2018.”

Watch "Tequila Cowgirl"

Tequila Cowgirl tells a story with beautiful vocals. - "Tequila Cowgirl" 

"Hats Off and Bottoms Up, Tequila Cowgirl"


Cherish Lee's New Album - "Tequila Cowgirl"

1. This Ain't Your Grandma's Country Song

2. Scream

3. Sweet Sweet

4. One Pillow Over (feat. Mike Harmeier)

5. Diamonds and Flaws

6. Wyatt's Song

7. Tequila Cowgirl

8. Ones You Leave Behind

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The Review

Lee's songwriting abilities are remarkable!  They keep you hooked throughout the song.  You can tell she's authentic with the sound of songs like, "Diamonds and Flaws" and "This Ain't Your Grandma's Country Song.

She show's off her astonishing voice in, "Ones You Leave Behind."  Lee takes you through a soulful journey about love in this track.  Before you think this is a sappy love song, she hits you with lyrics like, "Those cotton candy, colored skies taste bitter-sweet tonight" and "I wish it didn't, but shit happens."

It’s honest music that tells a story, and Lee’s voice conveys it beautifully, with all the attitude that her fans have come to expect from her.

Cherish Lee's newly debut album is excellent!  We can't wait to see what her mix of attitude, talent and songwriting abilities will bring us next! 


Excerpt from the track, "Scream", "shadows crawling up the wall, I know them well I've named them all."  



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