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Check out Joe Triplett's solo self titled debut album!  Former lead singer of the Rosslyn Mountain Boys just released these Retro, Honky Tonk/Alt Country/Rock n Roll tracks that has everyone in the metropolitan DC/Virginia area raving! 

Joe Triplett's new, 11-track, self-titled album is about as country as it gets.  Joe's songwriting writes and sings from the soul, and his soul is made up of solid country gold!  We knew we were going to have fun listening to Joe's new album when we looked at the titles of his songs.  View the track listing below.

  1. You Ruint My Mind
  2. Southwind
  3. Cold Cold Beer
  4. Diamonds, Mink Stoles, and Cadillacs
  5. Late for My Own Funeral
  6. Holy Smokes
  7. Right Here With Me
  8. Hoppin' a Freight
  9. Wilhelmena
  10. Old Virginny
  11. Whole Hog 


Joe Triplett's songs tell stories, much like the legendary Billy Joe Shaver with a touch of Mr. Nelson.  He's got gravel in his voice and old-school country in his veins. "Now imma drinkin' myself blind, that pretty little womans done ruint my mind"  -  a line from his song, You Ruint My Mind!  This is one of my favorite songs on the album as he tells a story about a women that has.. well, a women that's done ruint his mind!  However, don't think for a second that this is just another ole sappy song about broken-hearts!  Joe has a lot of fun in this song!  We are excited to hear more from this artist in the future!  Check out some of his new songs on YouTube below:

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  1. Mister Moderation

    This is indeed one soulful country artist!
    And as those in the know all agree, one heck of a performer and storyteller.
    Don’t miss any chance to check out the music of Joe Triplett.