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  March 27th, 2021 

  March 30th, 2019 
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Few artists possess the ability to pull us into their stories immediately with such emotional vulnerability in their voice and candor in their lyrics as Scott Sean White. Like Guy Clark and McKenna, White is a writer’s writer. He soulfully invests himself in each song, delivering the songs in his life-worn, warm, and vibrant vocals that get us to feel what he’s feeling and to find ourselves in those feelings. 

Some songwriters spend precious time struggling to find their truth and make it rhyme. Others just pick up their guitar and tell it. Scott Sean White is one of the others. -Jack Ingram


Scott Sean White is a singer/songwriter living in Poetry, Texas, who splits his time between the Texas and Nashville songwriting communities. (For a songwriter who can produce such magical, such poignant, and such moving songs, it’s probably no coincidence that White now makes his home in Poetry, Texas.) He grew up in the sticks in a very dysfunctional home in Kerrville, Texas, so he has always had stories to tell. When he reached his mid-thirties, he wanted to start to tell those stories - so he started his road into Nashville and country music in 2005 and by 2007 he was signed by Liz Morin at Encore Entertainment. 

He would probably list his songwriting influences/idols as people like Tony Lane, Tom Douglas, Bobby Pinson, Walt Wilkins, and Travis Meadows... but the list would be somewhat endless as he just loves good songs in general no matter the genre. White counts, as his influences several songwriters, including Guy Clark. “I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t dig deep into his stuff until 4 or 5 years ago, but he definitely affected my record,” he says. Tony Lane also had a huge influence on his writing. White points out; “Tony literally changed the way I write, and I started the song ‘Call It Even’ right after I listened to Tony’s album the whole 10 hour drive from Nashville to Texas one night.”

For the last 16 years, White was also shuffling between Texas and Nashville, where he sat with others in writing rooms churning out songs they hoped would be picked up by folks like Tim McGraw. He had some of those songs - that he co-wrote and/or produced - placed in movies like Two For The Money with A. Pacino and M. McConaughey, The Hot Chick with R. Schneider and various TV shows and movies on ABC, NBC, CBS, FX, A&E and more. Scott won the BW Stevenson Songwriting Contest at Poor David’s Pub in 2011 and the Rusty Weir Singer/Songwriter Contest at Love & War in Texas in 2014. Gary Chapman recorded three of Scott’s songs on his last record in 2015. 

As for his personal life - he has been married to the strongest, hardest working woman he has ever known for 28 years and they have two amazing daughters so his family and faith show up often in his lyrics and stories.


Even though Scott Sean White tells his own stories of heartbreak and hope in his emotionally riveting songs, he’s telling our stories, too, and in every one of his songs we glimpse the ways that our own lives have sometimes fallen apart and been stitched together again by the silver threads of love.


White has spent this last year making a songwriter’s album, and during the making of the album, he says, he couldn’t escape “one constant reminder: Be Me. From choosing the songs to producing them to figuring out the order, picking the picture for the album cover, EVERYTHING… the one theme, the one constant ringing in my head and my heart when I was at any little crossroads about a choice… was BE ME.”

An incredibly good man with a great gift! Heart, soul, humor and faith is where real songs come from. Do yourself a favor and check this record and these songs out.​ -Doug Johnson


Producing the new album, White tries to “be as true to each song, each lyric as I possibly could.” The opening, and title, track of Call It Even rolls in on sparse piano chords that create [...] continue reading






Call It Even

Debut Album by
Scott Sean White

APRIL 23rd, 2021

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