2017 Texas Country Music Awards – Nominations & Winners


The 2017 Texas Country Music Awards was held on September 28, 2017 at the Carthage, Texas Civic Center.

*Winners are BOLD

Entertainer Of The Year: Brady Honeycutt, Cody Wayne, Darrin Morris, Mike Donnell, Todd Freeman

Male Vocalist of the Year: Brady Honeycutt, Darrin Morris, Cody Wayne, Justin Todd Herod, Gary Jones Jr

Female Vocalist of the Year: Bri Bagwell, Holly Tucker, Jessica Meuse, Morgan Ashley, Victoria Leigh

Vocal Group or Duo: Bill Bear & the Red Brick Troubadours, Darrell Goldman Band, Darrin Morris Band, Cody Wayne Band, Texas Crossing

Young Artist (16 & Under): Frankie Lee, Kadie Lynn Roberson, Jack Barksdale, Macy Dot Neal, Colt Varnado

Country Album Of The Year: Country To The Bone (Darrin Morris), Marcus Lindsey (Marcus Lindsey), The Bed I've Made (Darrell Goldman), True North (Justin Todd Herod), Steel (Holly Tucker)

Country Single of the Year: Where Will I Be (Performed by Darrin Morris, Written by Susan Giacona) Paradise On The Line, All Around Country Girl, Dance With Me Tonight, Fly High

Radio Station of the Year: 100.5 KSCK Sterling City, 95.9 KFWR Fort Worth, 103.9 KEBY Marble Falls, 99.3 KOKE Austin, 105.7 KYKX Tyler/Longview

Radio DJ Of The Year: Cowboy Dave Bayless 100.3 The Bull Houston, Eric Raines 99.3 KOKE Austin, Justin Frazell 95.9 KFWR Ft. Worth, Rickey Green 100.5 KSCK Sterling City, Damon Beirele 103.9 KEBY Marble Falls.

Internet Radio Station of the Year: AmericanCrossroadsRadio.com, TrueTexasRadio.com, TexasHomeGrownRadio.com, RealTexasRadio.com, PureCountry100.com

Live Music Venue of the Year: Dosey Doe The Woodlands, The Back Porch Kilgore, Love and War In Texas Lindale, Polecats Seguin, Melody Ranch Waco

Christian Country Artist of the Year: Julie Reese, Justin Todd Herod, Michael Knight, Darrell Goldman, Clifton Jansky

Christian Country Single Of The Year: Don't Hate The Sinner-Julie Reese, End Of The Pew-Bill Bear, That's What Jesus Would Do-Justin Todd Herod, What A Wonderful World-Michael Knight, Ten Miles Away-Darrell Goldman

Bassist of the Year: Bubba Moore, Cody Wood, Stormy Cooper, George Schinler, Jonathan Wren

Fiddler of the Year: Choya Crenshaw, David Varnado, Mark Kalson, Heather Stalling, Mike Calley

Guitarist of the Year: Freddie Pate, Will Wails, Tommy Thomas, John Matlock, Michael Boatman

Keyboard/Pianist of the Year: Allen Huff, Dizzy Dave Dalton, Floyd Domino, David Young, Chris Bergeron

Steel Guitarist of the Year: Tommy Detamore, Laine Thibodeaux, Bobby Gardner, Kenny Grohman, Ben White

Drummer of the Year: Eddie (Danger) Barnot, Jeremy Moore, Matt Vantiel, Billy Rasnake, Roy Lancaster

Country Songwriter of the Year Finalists: Adam Gorman, Brad Bowman, Brent Giddens, Bill Bear/Robert Campbell, Jake Pyeatt, Jeremy Studdard/Jamie Chandler,/Roger Springer, Josh Vincent,Justin Todd Herod

Christian Country Songwriter of the Year Finalists: Alex Coba, Bart Woytek, Brent Giddens, Darrell Goldman, Julie Reese, Justin Todd Herod, Kelly Kenning

This list came from the Texas Country Music Awards website!

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