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The CLIMB Music Business Podcast
with Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter

Real talk to help you succeed in the new music business.

We are raving about the newest Podcast in the industry of Music Business, The C.L.I.M.B.

The Podcast C.L.I.M.B., created by Johnny Dwinell of Daredevil Production, LLC and hit songwriter, Brent Baxter, of SongwritingPro.com, helps people in the industry take charge and create leverage in the Music Business.

Listen in as Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter have in-depth discussions in their music business podcast on everything from common demo mistakes to making more noise in your local community.

Brent Baxter & Johnny Dwinell
Brent Baxter & Johnny Dwinell


Here's what Brent Baxter & Johnny Dwinell have to say about their new podcast: 

"The CLIMB is a music business podcast dedicated to helping singers, songwriters, and artists like you “Create Leverage in the Music Business.” What is leverage? It’s a strategic advantage. It’s the power to positively influence your music career. It means you have more going for you than just talent and potential: you have real-world results.

Hosted by two music industry pros — award-winning hit songwriter Brent Baxter and artist developer Johnny Dwinell — this podcast reveals how you can succeed as an artist or songwriter. They want you to win, and The CLIMB gives you the tools to do it."


Tune In to "The Climb"

Listen to “The Climb” here and it can also be found on Spotify and iTunes.

You can view the official Press Release here.


Sponsors and Reviews

Sponsoring “The C.L.I.M.B.” is AVL Digital Group which service hundreds of thousands of artists, authors, and other rights holders every year in the fast growing fields of digital music streaming, book self-publishing, disc manufacturing, YouTube and Facebook content, and global publishing royalties.

“It was an easy decision to partner with Johnny and Brent,” said Director of Marketing at AVL Digital Group," Dan Baker. “The C.L.I.M.B." vision aligns perfectly with the audience that looks to us to help make them look as good as they sound.”

"We started this podcast as a vehicle to help singers, songwriters, and indie artists succeed in the NEW music business," said Johnny Dwinell of Daredevil Production, LLC. "When the opportunity came for the C.L.I.M.B. to partner with AVL Digital, it was easy math. They have always had EXACTLY the same goal!" 

"This partnership with Disc Makers and AVL Digital Group is a natural and exciting fit," said Brent Baxter. "We look forward to helping their community of artists and creatives thrive in the new music business!"

“This Show ROCKS! I’ve followed both Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter on their blogs. It is great to have them both dropping value bombs in one place,” - JasonEdwardsTV.  “This is a must listen for any singer, songwriter, and/or indie musician.”

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