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Shane Owens is Country; it is obvious from his drawling barroom baritone to the courtesy and kindness he shows to women, his BFF, the elderly, small children - and most dogs. Even the casual observer would recognize the Southerner in Shane, and everyone should recognize the humorous, tongue-in-cheek aspect of his new single, “LIE” as he takes on the role of “wingman” for a pal.

The new single kicks off with a screamin’ guitar lick and pounding drums. A definite driver of a track with tons of groove and high energy, it sets the stage for a “night on the town” feel – and descends into a Saturday Night Live-worthy romp from there.  Two guys, a pretty gal and a world of tone-deaf advice equal a blast of a record that pokes humor at the foolishness of men.

"Tell her she reminds you of momma
You don’t play games
And you ain’t got time for drama
You’re just out here looking for
Something real
And then she rolls her eyes
And says “whatever”
Have a backup plan
Something bigger and better
Like you’ve really got a lot of love to give
But you only got two days to live"


LIE’ is a fun, up-tempo song about a guy who is absolutely hopeless with women, and he’s taking lessons from his buddy on how to get a lady’s attention,” Owens explains. “Picture a dude driving a beat up old Pinto, telling a gal that he drives a brand-new Silverado, and you’ll get the message. The dude is clueless.”

Shane and his band have been playing “LIE” in their live shows, and it’s been a consistent crowd pleaser. “It draws everyone out on the dance floor for sure,” Owens says. For Shane, the crowd’s enjoyment is paramount... but then another thought crosses his mind. “Aw man, now I’m thinkin’ on what I said about Pintos, and I just realized I’m gonna have a bunch of guys in little bitty cars lining up to kick my a**,” he says.

The first single from Shane’s upcoming album, “LIE” follows the recent holiday release of “Christmas In Dixie,” and his Country hit, “19” from his debut WHERE I’M COMIN’ FROM (Amerimonte Records) CD.

He was named one of 2016’s “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know” in Rolling Stone Country and he tours consistently across the U.S. Recently, he was named by Music Row Magazine as their 2017 Independent Artist Of the Year.

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