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Quick Look Inside

What is Camp House Concerts?

The Camp House is a live music venue hidden back in the brush of southern Texas - home to the exclusive 65 & Sides Society Concert Series.  Bringing friends and family together to create an unforgettable experience while enjoying the illustrious sounds of country music is the mission.  The Camp House's one-of-kind setting emits an intimate vibe reminiscent of a private house concert underneath a Big Texas Sky. (Read More)

What is the 65 & Sides Society?

The 65 & Sides Society is a unique private club created by Camp House Concerts in order to deliver quality live concerts to a small number of music lovers in a back yard/private concert setting.  Usually 3-4 concerts per year.  Camp House Concerts limits each concert to no more than 300 tickets, per concert.  These tickets are similar to season tickets as you are the first ones available to purchase and once you decide to decline the event, we hand your tickets to the next person in line.

Every ticket or ever pair of tickets is expected to bring a side side for that night.  $65 for a ticket, bring a side and then you just sit back and enjoy a live concert, friends and of course the food!

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The Stage

"One of the most unique stages I've ever seen"

We take pride in our stage!  Seen by the pictures below, you can tell we have one of the most unique stages/venues around.  Set back only about 1.5 miles off HWY 87, you feel like you are miles from anything. 

Stage Specs

  • Stage is 40' x 12'
  • Covered Stage
  • Adequate lighting
  • Enough room for 6 person band
  • Provided "Sound Guy"
  • Crystal Clear Sound System
  • On Stage Speakers 
  • 6 Mic Stands
  • Brand New Sound/Mixer Board



Quick Notes

Genre of Entertainment:  Country, Texas Country, Red Dirt, Folk, Blues, Jazz & Gospel.

Average Number of Guests:  Around 300.

Number of Concerts:  On average 3.5 concerts per year.

Past Performers:  Dallas Wayne, Rodney Hayden, James Steinle, Jason Allen, Richie Allbright, Drew Moreland, Bradley Banning, Kelly Kenning, Sylvia Kirk Band and more.


My Band Wants to Play

Interested in playing at the Camp House? 

We are always accepting musician submissions.
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The easiest way to get in touch with us in by email:  or  on our Contact Page


Other Booking Opportunities

We offer up the Camp House to anybody who wishes to get away from all the noise and sit back and relax!  Whether you are working on a song with some buddies or need to do a practice run with sound, we have got you covered - at no cost!

Since we pride ourselves on being back in the brush, you will never be bothered by the ole landlord or anybody for that matter.

Our Camp House is fully-functionable with a fully furnished kitchen, bathroom, TV and bedroom.


What Else?

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